Is Scary Movie Meant to Be Scary?

Are Scary Movies Meant to Be Scary?


Scary movies have been around for decades now and have become a popular genre of film. People enjoy being scared and thrilled, which is why horror movies have always been a favorite among moviegoers.

But, are scary movies meant to be scary? The answer to this question might not be as straightforward as you think.

What Makes a Movie Scary?

A scary movie is generally defined as a film that causes fear, anxiety, or terror in its viewers. It is usually characterized by elements like jump scares, suspenseful music, dark lighting, gore, and violence. However, what one person finds scary might not be the same for another person.

The Purpose of Scary Movies

The purpose of a scary movie is not just to scare its audience but also to entertain them. A good horror movie should have a well-crafted plot and characters that the audience can relate to. It should also have an element of surprise and suspense that keeps the viewers engaged throughout the film.

Scary movies can also serve as a way to confront our fears in a safe environment. By watching something scary on screen, we get an adrenaline rush without actually being in any real danger. This can be cathartic for some people and help them overcome certain anxieties or phobias.

Why Some People Don’t Find Horror Movies Scary

While some people love watching horror movies and get scared easily, others don’t find them frightening at all. This could be due to various reasons like desensitization or exposure to similar content before.

Desensitization occurs when someone has seen so many horror movies that they become immune to the fear factor of it all. They might still enjoy watching these types of films but don’t get scared anymore because they have seen it all before.

The Role of Expectations

Expectations also play a significant role in how scary a movie is perceived. If a person goes into a horror movie with the expectation that it will be terrifying, they are more likely to find it scary. On the other hand, if someone goes in with the expectation that it won’t be scary, they might not find it as frightening.


In conclusion, scary movies are meant to be scary but not just for the sake of being scary. They serve a purpose beyond just inducing fear and can be entertaining, cathartic, and thought-provoking.

Whether or not someone finds a horror movie scary is subjective and depends on various factors like personal preferences and expectations. Regardless of whether or not you find them frightening, there is no denying that horror movies have become an important part of our pop culture and will continue to be so for years to come.