Is Scary Movie a Horror Movie?

Scary Movie is a 2000 American comedy film that was directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. The movie is a parody of various horror movies, including Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Blair Witch Project, and many others. With its humorous take on the horror genre, the question arises whether Scary Movie can be considered a horror movie or not.

The Definition of Horror Movies

Horror movies are films that are designed to elicit fear and terror from the audience. They often use supernatural elements, gore, and violence to create an atmosphere of dread. They can be categorized into various sub-genres such as slasher films, zombie movies, psychological thrillers, and more.

Scary Movie’s Parody Nature

Scary Movie is a parody of horror movies rather than a horror movie in itself. It uses humor to mock and satirize the cliches and tropes of the horror genre. The film does contain some scary moments and jump scares typical of horror movies but they are usually followed by comedic elements that diffuse the tension.

Elements That Make Scary Movie Not a Horror Film

  • Tone: Scary Movie’s tone is primarily comedic rather than scary. The film’s primary goal is to make the audience laugh rather than scare them.
  • Story: Unlike traditional horror movies with intricate storylines that build tension over time, Scary Movie’s plot is nonsensical and relies on absurd humor.
  • Intent: While traditional horror movies intend to terrify their audience, Scary Movie aims to provide entertainment through its parody of the genre.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, while Scary Movie incorporates elements of classic horror movies, it cannot be considered a horror movie in itself. Its comedic nature and parody focus differentiate it from the horror genre’s traditional films. However, Scary Movie’s popularity and success have made it a cult classic among both horror and comedy movie fans.