Is Scary Movie a Comedy?

Scary Movie is a horror-comedy film franchise that began in 2000. The series has since released five sequels, with the latest one being Scary Movie 5, which premiered in 2013.

The films are known for their parodies of popular horror films, including Scream, The Ring, and Paranormal Activity.

The Comedy Elements of Scary Movie

While the Scary Movie franchise is primarily marketed as a horror film series, it is undoubtedly a comedy at its core. The films are known for their over-the-top humor and parody style.

From slapstick comedy to witty one-liners, the franchise has it all.

One of the most significant comedic elements of Scary Movie is its use of parody. The films take popular horror movies and exaggerate their tropes to create a humorous effect.

For example, in Scream, the killer wears a mask to conceal their identity. In Scary Movie, the killer wears an exaggerated version of the Scream mask and carries around a comically large knife.

Another comedic element in Scary Movie is its use of satire. The films often poke fun at various aspects of pop culture and society as a whole.

For example, in Scary Movie 4, there is a scene where Tom Cruise parodies his infamous couch-jumping incident on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The Horror Elements of Scary Movie

Despite the fact that Scary Movie is primarily marketed as a comedy film series, it still contains many elements commonly found in horror movies. Jump scares, gore, and suspenseful music can all be found throughout the franchise.

Some viewers may argue that because there are horror elements present in the film series, it cannot be classified as a true comedy. However, the horror elements are used in a way that is meant to be humorous rather than scary.

For example, in Scary Movie 2, there is a scene where a character’s hand becomes possessed and begins to attack him. While this could be considered a horror element, the scene is played for laughs rather than scares.


In conclusion, while Scary Movie may have some horror elements present in its films, it is undoubtedly a comedy at its core. Its use of parody and satire creates a humorous effect that sets it apart from traditional horror films.

So if you’re looking for a good laugh with some familiar horror movie references thrown in, give Scary Movie a watch.