Is Scary Movie 2 as Good as the First?

Are you a fan of horror movies? If you are, then you must have seen the first Scary Movie.

It was a hilarious parody of some of the most iconic horror films of all time. But is the sequel, Scary Movie 2, just as good as the first one? In this article, we will take a look at the second installment of this popular movie franchise and see if it lives up to its predecessor.


Scary Movie 2 follows a similar plot to its predecessor. A group of teenagers finds themselves in a haunted house where they are tormented by supernatural entities. However, this time around, the house is not just any ordinary haunted house but an old mansion that has been converted into a research facility for paranormal studies.


The characters in Scary Movie 2 are just as memorable and funny as they were in the first movie. Cindy Campbell played by Anna Faris is back again as the protagonist along with her friends Brenda Meeks played by Regina Hall and Shorty Meeks played by Marlon Wayans. The movie also features new characters such as Dwight Hartman played by David Cross and Professor Oldman played by Tim Curry.


The humor in Scary Movie 2 is just as over-the-top and ridiculous as it was in the first movie. There are plenty of jokes about bodily functions, sexual innuendos, and pop culture references that will keep you laughing throughout the entire film.

Horror Parodies

One of the best things about Scary Movie 2 is its ability to parody some of the most iconic horror films ever made. From The Exorcist to Poltergeist, this film does an excellent job of making fun of these classic movies while still paying homage to them.


So, is Scary Movie 2 as good as the first one? While it may not be as groundbreaking as the original, it still manages to be a hilarious and entertaining parody of horror movies.

The characters are just as funny, the humor is just as ridiculous, and the horror parodies are just as on point. If you’re a fan of the first movie, then you’ll definitely enjoy this one too.