Is R2-D2 in Star Trek Movie?

When it comes to science fiction movies, there are a few iconic characters that immediately come to mind. One such character is R2-D2 from the Star Wars franchise. But have you ever wondered if R2-D2 has made an appearance in any Star Trek movies?

The Short Answer

No, R2-D2 has not appeared in any Star Trek movies.

The Long Answer

While R2-D2 and Star Trek are both beloved sci-fi franchises, they exist in separate universes and are owned by different companies. R2-D2 is a droid that belongs to the Star Wars universe, which is owned by Lucasfilm (and now Disney). On the other hand, Star Trek is owned by Paramount Pictures.

While there have been numerous crossovers between different franchises over the years (such as Freddy Krueger appearing in Mortal Kombat), there has never been an official crossover between Star Wars and Star Trek. In fact, George Lucas (the creator of Star Wars) once joked that “Star Trek was just a rip-off of [his] idea” and that he would never allow a crossover.

So while it may be fun to imagine R2-D2 rolling around on the bridge of the USS Enterprise or beeping at Captain Kirk, it’s unfortunately just not possible within the confines of each franchise’s canon.


In conclusion, while R2-D2 may be a beloved character from one of the most popular sci-fi franchises ever made, he has never appeared in any Star Trek movies. While crossovers between different franchises can be fun for fans to imagine, they are ultimately up to each franchise’s creators and owners to decide if they want them to happen.