Is Quarantine Movie Scary?

While the world is going through a pandemic, it’s only fitting to talk about the latest trend in movies: Quarantine. With cinematic releases being delayed and theaters closed, streaming services have become our go-to source of entertainment. Quarantine movies have become quite popular, but the question remains – are they scary?

What are quarantine movies?

Quarantine movies revolve around a pandemic or an epidemic. They depict how individuals and society as a whole cope with the outbreak of a deadly virus. These movies usually showcase how authorities and governments try to control and suppress the virus’s spread while also highlighting individual struggles in such situations.

Why are quarantine movies becoming popular?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world in countless ways. It has altered how we work, socialize, communicate, and consume media.

With people forced to stay at home due to lockdowns and quarantines, there has been a surge in streaming services’ usage for entertainment. As a result, quarantine movies have become quite popular.

These movies offer an escape from reality while also providing some insight into how pandemics can affect society as a whole. They can evoke fear and unease but also provide hope and inspiration.

Are quarantine movies scary?

The answer is subjective. Some people find them terrifying due to their realistic portrayal of pandemics like COVID-19 that we’re currently facing. Others may not find them as scary as they don’t believe that such an outbreak could happen to them.

However, quarantine movies do have elements that can be considered scary.

  • Tension: Quarantine movies often rely on building tension throughout the film to create suspense.
  • Gore: Some films may showcase graphic depictions of the virus’s effects on individuals.
  • Jump scares: These are sudden and unexpected events that can startle viewers and evoke fear.

Some popular quarantine movies:

  • Contagion: This movie depicts the outbreak of a deadly virus and the race to find a cure while also highlighting individual struggles in such situations.
  • The Flu: The film portrays how a deadly virus spreads throughout South Korea and the government’s efforts to contain it.
  • Train to Busan: A zombie outbreak hits South Korea, and a group of survivors tries to make their way to Busan, the only safe city left.


Quarantine movies have become quite popular due to the current pandemic. While they can be scary due to their realistic portrayal of pandemics, it ultimately depends on the viewer’s perspective. However, these movies do offer some insight into how society can cope with pandemics while also providing an escape from reality.