Is Pup Star a Disney Movie?

Are you a fan of Disney movies? Have you recently come across a movie called “Pup Star” and wondered if it’s a Disney movie? Let’s dive into the details and find out.

What is Pup Star?

Pup Star is a movie about a singing competition for dogs. It was released in 2016 and directed by Robert Vince.

The plot revolves around a Yorkie pup named Tiny who dreams of becoming a singing sensation. With the help of her new friends, she competes in a televised singing competition against other talented dogs.

Is Pup Star a Disney Movie?

No, Pup Star is not a Disney movie. It was produced by Air Bud Entertainment, which is an independent film production company known for making movies featuring animals such as dogs, cats, and monkeys.

Why do people think Pup Star is a Disney Movie?

The reason why people might think Pup Star is a Disney movie could be due to its similar themes and style to some of the animated movies produced by Disney. The cute talking animals, feel-good storyline, and catchy songs might be reminiscent of movies like “The Lion King” or “Lady and the Tramp.”

Where can you watch Pup Star?

If you’re interested in watching Pup Star, you can find it on various streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. You can also buy or rent the movie on YouTube or Google Play Movies.


In summary, Pup Star is not a Disney movie but rather an independent film produced by Air Bud Entertainment. However, if you’re looking for an adorable and heartwarming story featuring talented singing dogs, then Pup Star might just be the perfect choice for you!