Is Phantom Thread a Scary Movie?

If you’re looking for a scary movie to watch, you might be wondering whether Phantom Thread fits the bill. Let’s take a closer look at this film and see whether it’s likely to leave you feeling spooked.

What is Phantom Thread?

Phantom Thread is a 2017 film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Set in 1950s London, it tells the story of Reynolds Woodcock, a renowned dressmaker played by Daniel Day-Lewis. Woodcock’s life is disrupted when he meets Alma, a young waitress who becomes his muse and lover.

The Atmosphere of Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread has been described as a psychological drama with elements of romance and suspense. The film creates an eerie atmosphere through its use of music, lighting, and cinematography. There are moments of tension between the characters that might leave you feeling uneasy.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Phantom Thread.

Is There Gore or Violence in Phantom Thread?

One thing that might make a movie scary is the presence of gore or violence. While there are moments of tension in Phantom Thread, there is no explicit gore or violence shown on screen. There is one scene where Alma poisons Reynolds with mushrooms, but this is depicted in a somewhat surreal way that may not be frightening to everyone.

The Relationship Between Reynolds and Alma

Another element that might make a movie scary is an unhealthy or abusive relationship between characters. While Reynolds and Alma have an unconventional relationship, it’s not necessarily abusive. However, their dynamic does become increasingly twisted as the film progresses.

The Final Act

The final act of Phantom Thread takes a dark turn that some viewers might find unsettling. Without giving too much away, there are moments where it becomes clear that Reynolds and Alma’s relationship has become toxic. The film’s climax is intense and emotional, but may not be traditionally “scary.”


So, is Phantom Thread a scary movie? It depends on your definition of “scary.”

While the film does create an eerie atmosphere and has moments of tension, it’s not a horror movie in the traditional sense. However, if you’re in the mood for a thought-provoking and unsettling film, Phantom Thread might be just what you’re looking for.