Is Onward Movie Scary?

If you’re a fan of animated movies, chances are you’ve heard about Onward – the latest release from Pixar Animation Studios. But if you’re hesitant to watch it because you’re not sure if it’s scary or not, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

First off, let’s talk about the premise of the movie. Onward follows two elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, as they embark on a quest to bring their deceased father back to life for one day.

The catch? They only have 24 hours to do it, and things don’t exactly go as planned.

Now, when it comes to whether or not Onward is scary – that really depends on your definition of “scary.” If you’re thinking jump scares or intense horror-like scenes, then no – Onward is definitely not that kind of movie. However, if you’re sensitive to themes like death or loss, there may be some moments in the film that could be emotionally challenging for you.

That being said, Onward is ultimately a heartwarming and uplifting movie that deals with complex themes in a way that’s accessible for all ages. The animation style is top-notch (as expected from Pixar), and the voice cast (including Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) delivers some truly memorable performances.

For parents wondering if Onward is appropriate for their children – again, it really depends on your child’s sensitivity level. Common Sense Media suggests that the movie is appropriate for kids ages 8+, but notes that “younger viewers may need more reassurance during certain scenes.” As always, it’s important to gauge your child’s individual comfort level with potentially emotional topics before deciding whether or not to watch.

In summary: Is Onward scary? Not really in the traditional sense, but there are some moments that could be emotionally challenging for sensitive viewers. Overall though, it’s a beautifully crafted movie with an important message about the power of family and the importance of cherishing the time we have with loved ones.