Is Only Mine Movie Scary?

Only Mine is a psychological thriller movie that was released in 2019. The movie is directed by Michael Civille and stars Amber Midthunder, Brett Zimmerman, and Chris Browning.

If you’re wondering whether Only Mine is a scary movie or not, the answer is yes. Only Mine can be considered a scary movie due to its intense storyline and disturbing themes.

The Plot of Only Mine

The plot of Only Mine revolves around a young woman named Julie who gets kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend David after she breaks up with him. David becomes obsessed with Julie and tries to force her to love him back. He isolates her from the world and uses various tactics to manipulate her into staying with him.

Elements that Make Only Mine Scary

One of the main elements that make Only Mine scary is the portrayal of the villain David. The character is portrayed as someone who is mentally unstable and has no regard for human life. His actions throughout the movie are unpredictable, making it difficult for the audience to anticipate what he will do next.

Another element that makes Only Mine scary is the use of violence in certain scenes. The movie does not shy away from showing graphic violence, which can be disturbing for some viewers.

Overall Thoughts on Only Mine

If you’re a fan of psychological thriller movies, then you will enjoy watching Only Mine. The movie has a well-written script that keeps you engaged throughout its runtime. However, if you’re someone who cannot handle graphic violence or disturbing themes, then it’s best to avoid this movie.

In conclusion, Only Mine can be considered a scary movie due to its intense storyline and graphic violence. If you’re someone who enjoys watching movies that keep you on edge and make your heart race, then this one is definitely worth checking out.