Is Night Hunter a Scary Movie?

Night Hunter is a 2019 thriller movie that follows the story of a group of police officers and vigilantes as they try to catch a serial killer who preys on young girls. The movie has received mixed reviews, with some arguing that it is a scary movie while others believe it falls short in terms of delivering the expected thrills.

The Plot:

The plot of Night Hunter revolves around Marshall, a police officer played by Henry Cavill, who teams up with Cooper, played by Ben Kingsley, to track down a serial killer. Along the way, they are joined by Rachel (Alexandra Daddario), a vigilante seeking revenge for her sister’s death at the hands of the same killer.

  • Marshall and Cooper investigate the killings and discover that the killer is using unconventional methods to kidnap his victims.
  • Rachel becomes involved in their investigation as she believes that they are not moving fast enough to catch the killer.
  • The three of them work together to track down and apprehend the killer before he can claim another victim.

The Thrills:

While Night Hunter has been marketed as a thriller, some viewers may find that it falls short in terms of delivering on this promise. The movie does have its tense moments but overall it may not be as scary as one would expect from a thriller.

What Works:

One aspect of Night Hunter that works well is its cast. Henry Cavill gives an impressive performance as Marshall, and Ben Kingsley brings gravitas to his role as Cooper. Alexandra Daddario also shines in her portrayal of Rachel.

The cinematography is also worth noting. The film’s dark and moody visuals add to its overall atmosphere and help create tension during key scenes.

What Doesn’t Work:

Despite its strong cast and solid cinematography, Night Hunter falls short in terms of delivering the thrills that one would expect from a thriller. Some viewers may find that the film’s pacing is slow at times, and the plot can be predictable.

The Verdict:

In conclusion, while Night Hunter has its moments, it may not be the thrill ride that some viewers are looking for. Its strong cast and striking visuals make it worth a watch, but don’t expect to be kept on the edge of your seat throughout its runtime.