Is Mortal Kombat a Scary Movie?

Mortal Kombat is a movie that has been surrounded by controversy since its release. Some people argue that it is a scary movie, while others claim that it is not. In this article, we will explore the different elements of the movie and determine whether or not it can be classified as a scary movie.

The Plot

The plot of Mortal Kombat revolves around a group of fighters who must defend Earthrealm in a tournament called Mortal Kombat. The tournament is held by Outworld, which seeks to conquer Earthrealm if they win. The fighters must use their unique abilities to defeat their opponents and prevent Outworld from taking over Earthrealm.

The Characters

One of the reasons why Mortal Kombat has gained such a huge following is because of its characters. Each character in the movie has their unique set of skills and backstory.

The main protagonist is Liu Kang, who seeks to avenge his brother’s death at the hands of Shang Tsung, the main antagonist. Other notable characters include Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, and Raiden.

The Violence

Mortal Kombat is known for its violence and gore. Each fight scene in the movie features brutal fatalities that are not for the faint-hearted. From decapitations to dismemberments, Mortal Kombat pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in mainstream cinema.

Is It Scary?

While Mortal Kombat features elements that could be considered scary, such as the violence and gore, it cannot be classified as a horror movie. The focus on action and fighting overshadows any attempt at creating suspense or fear in the audience.


In conclusion, Mortal Kombat may not be a scary movie per se, but it still manages to keep audiences on edge with its intense fight scenes and graphic violence. Whether or not you find it scary, Mortal Kombat is a movie that has left a lasting impact on the world of cinema.