Is Mom a Scary Movie?

Is “Mom” a Scary Movie?


If you’re a fan of horror movies, you might have come across the 2017 Indian film “Mom.” The movie tells the story of a mother who seeks revenge for her stepdaughter’s rape and murder.

While the movie is categorized as a thriller, many viewers have debated whether it classifies as a scary movie. In this article, we’ll explore whether “Mom” is indeed a scary movie and what makes it stand out from other horror films.

The Plot

“Mom” begins with the rape and murder of Arya, a teenage girl who is also the stepdaughter of Devki Sabarwal (played by Sridevi). Devki, who has always struggled to bond with Arya, is heartbroken by her death. When the court fails to provide justice for her daughter’s murder, Devki decides to take matters into her own hands.

The plot takes several twists and turns as Devki plans her revenge against the perpetrators. The story builds up tension and suspense as it progresses towards its climax. However, unlike most horror movies that rely on jump scares or supernatural elements, “Mom” uses psychological thriller elements to keep its audience on edge.

The Horror Elements in “Mom”

While “Mom” isn’t your typical horror movie, it does contain several elements that make it scary. One of them is the realistic portrayal of violence against women. The film shows how vulnerable women are in our society and how those in power can easily manipulate the law to escape punishment.

Another aspect that adds to the horror element is the dark cinematography used throughout the film. The scenes are often dimly lit or completely dark, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for viewers. The background score also plays a significant role in building up tension during crucial scenes.

Performance by Sridevi

One of the standout elements of “Mom” is Sridevi’s performance as Devki. She portrays the character’s transformation from a loving mother to a cold-blooded avenger with great intensity and conviction. Her acting adds depth to the movie and makes it more engaging for viewers.


In conclusion, while “Mom” might not classify as your typical horror movie, it does contain several elements that make it scary. The realistic portrayal of women’s vulnerability, the dark cinematography, and the intense background score all contribute to building up tension throughout the film. Moreover, Sridevi’s performance as Devki is outstanding and adds depth to the character.

If you haven’t watched “Mom” yet, we highly recommend giving it a try. It’s a gripping watch that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.