Is Microsoft Surface Laptop Good for Video Editing?

Microsoft Surface Laptop is a popular choice among creative professionals, thanks to its sleek design and powerful performance. But is it good for video editing? Let’s dive into the features and capabilities of the Surface Laptop to find out.

Hardware Specifications

Before we discuss the video editing capabilities of the Microsoft Surface Laptop, let’s take a look at its hardware specifications:

  • Processor: The Surface Laptop comes with various options for processors, including Intel Core i5 and i7. These processors provide ample power for video editing tasks.
  • RAM: You can choose between 8GB and 16GB of RAM, which ensures smooth multitasking and faster rendering times.
  • Storage: The laptop offers SSD storage options ranging from 128GB to 1TB, providing enough space to store your video files and editing software.
  • Display: The Surface Laptop features a vibrant PixelSense display with a resolution of up to 2256 x 1504 pixels. This high-resolution display allows you to view your videos in great detail while editing.

Software Compatibility

The next important aspect to consider when evaluating a laptop for video editing is software compatibility. The Microsoft Surface Laptop runs on Windows operating system, which means you’ll have access to popular video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

Note: It’s essential to check the system requirements of the specific software you plan to use before making a purchase decision.


The performance of the Microsoft Surface Laptop is commendable when it comes to video editing tasks. The combination of powerful processors, sufficient RAM, and speedy SSD storage ensures smooth video playback and faster rendering times.

The laptop’s integrated Intel graphics or optional NVIDIA graphics also contribute to enhanced performance during video editing. The dedicated graphics card provides additional processing power for complex video effects and rendering.

Display Quality

The Surface Laptop’s high-resolution PixelSense display delivers excellent color accuracy and sharpness, making it ideal for video editing. The vibrant colors and wide viewing angles enable you to fine-tune your videos with precision.


One of the standout features of the Microsoft Surface Laptop is its portability. The lightweight design and slim profile make it easy to carry around, allowing you to edit videos on the go. Whether you’re working from home or traveling, the Surface Laptop offers convenience without sacrificing performance.


In conclusion, the Microsoft Surface Laptop is indeed a good choice for video editing. With its powerful hardware specifications, software compatibility, impressive performance, high-quality display, and portability, it ticks all the boxes for a reliable video editing machine.

If you’re a professional videographer or an aspiring filmmaker looking for a sleek and capable laptop for your video editing needs, the Microsoft Surface Laptop is definitely worth considering.