Is Memento a Scary Movie?

Memento is a psychological thriller film that tells the story of Leonard Shelby, who suffers from short-term memory loss after an attack that resulted in his wife’s death. The movie is directed by Christopher Nolan and was released in 2000.

The question that comes to mind is whether Memento is a scary movie or not. Let’s delve deeper into the film and find out.

The Plot

The plot revolves around Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce) who suffers from anterograde amnesia, a condition that prevents him from creating new memories. Leonard sets out to find and kill his wife’s killer, but his lack of memory makes it difficult for him to achieve his goal. The story unfolds in reverse chronological order, with each scene leading up to the previous one.

The Thrills

Memento has its fair share of thrills and suspenseful moments. The film keeps you on edge as you try to piece together the events that led up to the murder of Leonard’s wife. The non-linear narrative structure adds to the suspense as you are constantly trying to make sense of what is happening on screen.

The use of dark lighting and eerie music also adds to the overall unsettling atmosphere of the movie. You never quite know what will happen next, and this uncertainty creates a sense of fear in the viewer.

The Psychological Aspect

Memento is not just a thriller; it also explores complex psychological themes such as memory loss, grief, and obsession. The film delves into how our memories shape our reality and how we can be controlled by them.

Leonard’s condition also raises questions about identity and how much our memories define who we are. These themes can be unsettling for some viewers as they force us to confront our own mortality and limitations.


In conclusion, Memento can be considered a scary movie due to its thrilling plot, creepy atmosphere, and exploration of psychological themes. The film keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next, and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

If you haven’t seen Memento yet, it’s definitely worth a watch. Just be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions and an ending that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew.