Is Major Vonreg in Star Wars Movie?

When it comes to the Star Wars franchise, fans are always eager to know about their favorite characters. One such character that has been the topic of discussion lately is Major Vonreg.

The question on everyone’s mind is – Is Major Vonreg in Star Wars movie? Let’s dive into the world of Star Wars and find out.

Who is Major Vonreg?

Major Elrik Vonreg, also known as Agent Tierny, is a character from the animated TV series “Star Wars Resistance.” He served as an antagonist in the series and was a member of the First Order.

What is Star Wars Resistance?

“Star Wars Resistance” is an animated TV series set in the Star Wars universe. The show takes place before the events of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and follows a young pilot named Kazuda Xiono, who is recruited by the Resistance to spy on the First Order.

Is Major Vonreg in Star Wars Movies?

To answer this question, we need to look at the timeline of Star Wars movies and TV shows. The events of “Star Wars Resistance” take place before “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Major Vonreg was introduced in this TV series and has not appeared in any of the Star Wars movies.


So, to sum it up – No, Major Vonreg does not appear in any of the Star Wars movies. However, he remains an important character in the animated TV series “Star Wars Resistance” and continues to be a fan-favorite among Star Wars enthusiasts.

In conclusion, while Major Vonreg may not have made it to the big screen yet, his character remains an integral part of the larger Star Wars universe through his appearances on “Resistance.” Fans can continue following his story through this show or other expanded universe materials.