Is MacBook Air Good for Heavy Video Editing?

MacBook Air is a popular choice for individuals who require a lightweight and portable device that can handle heavy video editing. But the question remains – is MacBook Air good for heavy video editing? Let’s find out.

Key Specifications of MacBook Air

Before we dive into whether or not MacBook Air is suitable for heavy video editing, let’s take a look at the key specifications of this device.

  • Retina display with True Tone technology
  • 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core i3 processor (upgradeable to i7)
  • 8GB or 16GB of memory
  • 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB SSD storage
  • Intel Iris Plus Graphics
  • Magic Keyboard and Touch ID

The Pros of Using MacBook Air for Video Editing

Here are some advantages of using MacBook Air for video editing:

Portability and Lightweight Design

MacBook Air weighs only around two pounds, making it incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around. This portability makes it an ideal device for video editors who are always on the move.

Retina Display with True Tone Technology

The Retina display with True Tone technology provides excellent color accuracy and reduces eye strain during long editing sessions. This feature helps to ensure that your final product looks its best.

Magic Keyboard and Touch ID

The Magic Keyboard provides an exceptional typing experience, while Touch ID makes unlocking your device quick and secure.

The Cons of Using MacBook Air for Video Editing

While there are several advantages to using MacBook Air for video editing, there are also some drawbacks:

Processing Power

MacBook Air is equipped with a dual-core processor, which might not be sufficient for heavy video editing. The processing power can slow down when multiple applications are running simultaneously or when editing large files.


MacBook Air’s Intel Iris Plus Graphics can handle basic video editing tasks. However, it may struggle with high-end video editing software and complex visual effects.


In conclusion, MacBook Air is good for light to medium video editing tasks but may not be the best option for heavy video editing. Its portability and lightweight design make it a great option for individuals who require a device that they can carry around easily. However, if you plan on doing extensive video editing work, you may want to consider purchasing a more powerful device such as MacBook Pro or iMac.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about using MacBook Air for heavy video editing.