Is Lamb a Scary Movie?

Lamb is a recent horror movie that has been creating quite a buzz among movie-goers and horror enthusiasts. The movie, which was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, follows the story of a childless couple who adopt a half-lamb, half-human newborn and raise it as their own child.

But is Lamb really a scary movie? Let’s take a closer look.

Plot Summary

The plot of Lamb starts off with Noomi Rapace and Hilmir Snær Guðnason playing Maria and Ingvar, respectively, who are struggling to cope with their infertility. One day, they discover a strange creature in their barn – a baby lamb with human-like features. They decide to take care of the creature as their own child and name her Ada.

As Ada grows up, she becomes increasingly curious about the world around her. However, as she begins to develop more human-like characteristics, Maria and Ingvar start to realize that they may have taken on more than they bargained for.

Is it Scary?

Lamb is not your typical horror movie. It isn’t filled with jump scares or gore-fests that many horror movies rely on these days. Instead, it’s a slow-burn psychological thriller that builds tension through its eerie atmosphere and unsettling imagery.

The film’s director Valdimar Jóhannsson has done an excellent job of creating an unsettling world for the characters to inhabit. The Icelandic landscape is utilized beautifully to create an isolated feeling that adds to the overall sense of dread.

Additionally, the performances by Noomi Rapace and Hilmir Snær Guðnason are outstanding. They manage to convey the emotions of their characters in such a way that you can’t help but feel invested in their story.

Final Verdict

While Lamb may not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to horror movies, it’s definitely worth a watch for those who are looking for something different. The film is a unique blend of horror, drama, and fantasy that will keep you engaged from start to finish. If you’re a fan of slow-burn horror movies that rely on atmosphere and tension rather than cheap scares, then Lamb is definitely worth checking out.