Is Labyrinth a Scary Movie?

Labyrinth is a classic movie from the 80s that has gained a cult following over the years. It’s a fantasy film that follows the journey of a young girl named Sarah as she navigates through a mystical maze to rescue her baby brother from the Goblin King. While many people love this movie for its imaginative storytelling and memorable characters, there are some who find it to be quite scary.

The Atmosphere: The first thing that sets the tone for whether Labyrinth is scary or not is its atmosphere. From the very beginning, viewers are transported to a world that is dark, eerie, and filled with strange creatures.

The opening sequence features Sarah reciting lines from a book, which immediately sets a haunting tone. As she continues her journey through the labyrinth, there are plenty of scenes that are designed to make viewers feel uneasy and on edge.

The Goblin King: One of the main reasons why Labyrinth can be considered scary is because of its villain, the Goblin King. Played by David Bowie, this character is both alluring and unsettling at the same time.

He uses his powers to manipulate Sarah and tries to convince her to stay in his world forever. This dynamic between hero and villain adds an element of tension throughout the movie.

The Visuals: Labyrinth is known for its stunning visuals and practical effects. While these elements add to the film’s charm, they can also be quite frightening at times.

The puppets used in the movie are incredibly lifelike and have an uncanny valley effect on some viewers. The scene where Sarah falls into a pit filled with hands grabbing at her is particularly memorable and unsettling.

  • Goblin Puppets: Another element of Labyrinth that can be considered scary is its use of puppetry for some of its characters, especially goblins.
  • The Bog Of Eternal Stench: This sequence is known for its pungent smell as well as its grotesque visuals, which feature piles of garbage and muck.
  • The Final Confrontation: The last scene of the movie features Sarah facing off against the Goblin King in a surreal, dream-like environment. The tension and unease built up throughout the movie culminate in this encounter.

Is Labyrinth Too Scary For Kids?

Parents may be wondering whether Labyrinth is suitable for children. While it does have some scary elements, it’s ultimately up to each individual family to decide what is appropriate for their kids. Younger children may find some of the scenes too intense or frightening, but older kids who are familiar with fantasy and adventure movies will likely enjoy it.

In Conclusion..

Labyrinth is a movie that has stood the test of time and continues to captivate audiences today. While it can be considered scary by some, it’s ultimately a fantasy film that relies on its imaginative storytelling and memorable characters to create an engaging experience. If you’re a fan of movies that transport you to another world, then Labyrinth is definitely worth a watch!