Is Krampus a Scary Christmas Movie?

Krampus is a 2015 Christmas horror-comedy movie directed by Michael Dougherty. It tells the story of a young boy named Max who turns his back on Christmas after his family members bicker and fight during the holiday season. As a result, a demon-like creature named Krampus arrives and terrorizes Max’s family.

The Plot

Krampus is a unique take on the traditional Christmas movie genre. It combines horror, comedy, and fantasy elements to create a thrilling and entertaining experience for the audience. The movie’s plot revolves around the idea of what happens when someone loses their Christmas spirit.


The main character in Krampus is Max, a young boy who loves Christmas but becomes disillusioned with it after his family members argue during the holiday season. Other characters in the movie include Max’s parents Tom and Sarah, Tom’s sister Linda and her husband Howard, their children Stevie, Jordan, Howie Jr., and Baby Chrissy.

Is It Scary?

Krampus has its fair share of jump scares and creepy moments that may frighten some viewers. However, it also has plenty of comedic scenes that balance out the horror elements. The movie is not as scary as other horror movies but still delivers an eerie atmosphere that keeps you on edge throughout the film.

The Artistic Direction

One of Krampus’ biggest strengths is its artistic direction. The movie features visually stunning sets and creatures that are both scary and captivating. The way Krampus himself looks is particularly impressive, with his horned head, hooves for feet, and long tongue.


In conclusion, Krampus is an entertaining Christmas-themed horror-comedy that blends various genres to create something unique. While it may not be as scary as other horror movies out there, it still has plenty of creepy moments that make it worth watching.

The movie’s artistic direction is also a standout feature, with impressive sets and creatures that create a fantastical and eerie atmosphere. So, if you’re looking for something different to watch this holiday season, give Krampus a try.