Is Korean Movie Forgotten Scary?

Korean movie industry is known for producing some of the most captivating and thrilling movies in the world. And when it comes to horror movies, Korean filmmakers have proven their mettle time and again. One such movie that has been making rounds on various streaming platforms is “Forgotten”.

But is it worth your time? Is it scary enough to keep you at the edge of your seat? Let’s find out.

The Plot

“Forgotten” revolves around Jin-seok, a young man who moves into a new house with his family. Soon after, his brother Yoo-seok goes missing, leaving Jin-seok and his family distraught.

When Yoo-seok returns after 19 days, he seems to have lost all his memory and behaves strangely. Jin-seok tries to uncover the mystery behind his brother’s disappearance and strange behavior, leading him down a dangerous path.

The Scare Factor

The movie builds up tension slowly but surely. The first half of the movie may not seem scary, but as you progress towards the climax, you will find yourself gripping your seat in fear.

The filmmakers have used jump scares effectively without going overboard with them. The eerie background score adds to the overall spooky atmosphere of the movie.

The Acting

The acting by all actors in “Forgotten” is top-notch. Kang Ha-neul, who plays Jin-seok, delivers a convincing performance as a concerned brother trying to uncover the truth behind his brother’s disappearance. Kim Mu-yeol’s portrayal of Yoo-seok’s strange behavior gives you chills down your spine.

Final Verdict

“Forgotten” may not be as terrifying as some of its Korean counterparts like “Train To Busan” or “The Wailing”, but it definitely keeps you engaged throughout its runtime with its intriguing plot and spine-chilling moments. The movie is a perfect blend of mystery, suspense, and horror that will leave you with a lingering sense of unease.

Overall Rating: 7/10

If you’re a fan of Korean horror movies, “Forgotten” is definitely worth your time. But even if you’re not, give it a chance, and you might just find yourself pleasantly surprised.