Is iPhone 12 Video Quality Better?

If you’re considering upgrading to the iPhone 12, one of the most important factors to consider is its video quality. The iPhone 12 comes with some notable upgrades compared to its predecessors, but is its video quality really better? Let’s take a closer look.

What’s new in the iPhone 12?

The iPhone 12 boasts several features and improvements that set it apart from previous models. These include:

  • A new A14 Bionic chip for faster processing speeds
  • Dolby Vision HDR for improved color accuracy and contrast
  • Night mode time-lapse for capturing stunning night-time scenes
  • Improved stabilization for smoother videos, even when you’re on the move

So, is the video quality better?

In short, yes. The combination of improved hardware and software features mean that the iPhone 12 offers a significant improvement in video quality compared to previous models.

Color accuracy and contrast

One of the standout features of the iPhone 12’s camera is its Dolby Vision HDR capabilities. This allows for greater color accuracy and contrast in your videos.

What does this mean in practice? Your videos will look more vivid and true-to-life, with colors that pop off the screen.


Another area where the iPhone 12 excels is in its stabilization. Whether you’re walking or running while filming, or simply holding your phone out at arm’s length, the iPhone 12’s improved stabilization will keep your footage looking smooth and professional.

Night mode time-lapse

The addition of Night mode time-lapse is another major improvement in video quality. This feature allows you to capture stunning night-time scenes with ease – perfect for cityscapes or starry skies.

What else should you consider?

While the iPhone 12’s video quality is certainly impressive, there are a few other factors to consider before making your decision. These include:

  • Storage space – video files can quickly eat up your phone’s storage, so make sure you have enough space for all your footage
  • Battery life – filming videos can be a drain on your phone’s battery, so consider investing in an external battery pack if you plan to do a lot of filming
  • Price – the iPhone 12 is not a cheap device, so make sure it fits within your budget before making the upgrade


Overall, the iPhone 12 offers some impressive improvements in video quality compared to previous models. With Dolby Vision HDR, improved stabilization, and Night mode time-lapse, you’ll be able to capture stunning footage with ease. However, make sure to also consider factors like storage space and battery life before making your decision.