Is Intel HD Graphics 520 Good for Video Editing?

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, you might be wondering if the Intel HD Graphics 520 is good for video editing. In short, the answer is yes! However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you invest in a laptop with this graphics card.

What is Intel HD Graphics 520?

Intel HD Graphics 520 is an integrated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) that comes with certain Intel CPUs. It’s designed to handle everyday tasks such as web browsing, video playback, and light gaming. The GPU is based on the Skylake architecture and supports DirectX 12.

Video Editing with Intel HD Graphics 520

When it comes to video editing, the Intel HD Graphics 520 can handle basic tasks such as trimming clips and adding simple transitions. It can also handle encoding and decoding of various video formats.

However, if you plan on doing more advanced video editing such as color grading, adding effects or overlays, or working with high-resolution footage, you may experience lag or slow performance with this GPU. This is because integrated GPUs don’t have dedicated memory like discrete GPUs do.

Factors That Affect Video Editing Performance

There are several factors that determine how well your laptop will perform when it comes to video editing:

  • CPU: The CPU is the brain of your computer and plays a significant role in video editing performance. Look for a laptop with a powerful CPU such as an Intel Core i7 or i9.
  • RAM: Video editing software requires a lot of RAM to function smoothly. Look for a laptop with at least 16GB of RAM.
  • SSD: A solid-state drive (SSD) will improve overall system performance and speed up file transfer times.
  • GPU: While the Intel HD Graphics 520 can handle basic video editing tasks, a dedicated GPU such as an NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon will provide better performance for more demanding tasks.


In summary, the Intel HD Graphics 520 is good for basic video editing tasks but may not provide the best performance for more advanced editing. When looking for a laptop for video editing, consider other factors such as CPU, RAM, and GPU to ensure smooth performance and efficient workflow.