Is Infinite a Scary Movie?

Are you someone who loves horror movies but is skeptical about watching Infinite? Do you wonder if it’s a scary movie or not? In this article, we’ll explore the genre of Infinite and determine whether it’s worth watching for horror fans.

What is Infinite?

Infinite is a science-fiction action movie directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Sophie Cookson. The plot follows Evan McCauley (Wahlberg), a man suffering from schizophrenia who discovers that his hallucinations are actually memories from past lives. He joins a secret society of people with similar abilities to stop an evil entity known as Bathurst (Ejiofor) from ending all life on Earth.

Is Infinite a Horror Movie?

Infinite is not a traditional horror movie, but it does have some elements of horror. It contains scenes with violence, gore, and jump scares that may be frightening for some viewers. Additionally, the concept of past lives and the idea of an evil entity trying to end all life can be unsettling.

The Action Scenes

One of the defining features of Infinite is its action scenes. The movie has several well-choreographed fight scenes that are intense and thrilling to watch. Wahlberg’s character has lived multiple past lives, each with different combat training, making him a formidable opponent against Bathurst’s forces.

The Supernatural Element

The supernatural element in Infinite adds to its overall spookiness. The idea that people can remember their past lives through hallucinations could be unsettling for some viewers. Furthermore, Bathurst’s motives for destroying humanity add a sense of urgency and danger throughout the movie.


While Infinite may not be classified as a horror movie per se, it does have some scary moments that may make it unsuitable for some viewers. However, the movie’s action scenes and supernatural elements make it an exciting watch for fans of science-fiction and fantasy genres. So, if you’re someone who enjoys movies with intense action sequences and a hint of horror, Infinite is definitely worth watching.