Is Holly Star a Christmas Movie?

Let’s Find Out!

If you are a fan of holiday movies, you may have come across the movie “Holly Star” on your streaming service. But the question is, can this movie be considered a Christmas movie or not In this article, we will examine the elements that make a movie a “Christmas movie” and determine whether “Holly Star” fits the criteria.

What Makes a Movie a Christmas Movie

Before we delve into whether “Holly Star” is a Christmas movie or not, let’s first establish what makes a movie a “Christmas movie.” Generally speaking, Christmas movies have themes that revolve around the holiday season.

These themes can include family, love, generosity, and hope. Additionally, Christmas movies often take place during the holiday season and feature elements such as snow, decorations, and gift-giving.

The Plot of Holly Star

Now that we have established what makes a Christmas movie let’s take a look at “Holly Star’s” plot. The film follows the story of Sloan, who returns to her hometown after losing her job and her boyfriend.

While back home in her small town for Christmas, she discovers an unexpected gift from her late father – an abandoned theater. With the help of her new friend Davey (and his eccentric family), Sloan sets out to revive the theater and put on a show to save it from demolition.

Does Holly Star Fit The Criteria

Now that we know what elements make up a Christmas movie let’s see if “Holly Star” fits those criteria. The film does take place during the holiday season as it centers around saving the theater for their annual Christmas show. Additionally, it features snow-covered small-town roads and houses decorated with lights and wreaths.

The theme of family is also apparent in “Holly Star.” Sloan’s relationship with her late father is a significant part of the plot, and Davey’s family plays a crucial role in helping her save the theater. Plus, there are several scenes that take place at Christmas parties and events, making it feel like a classic Christmas movie.


So, is “Holly Star” a Christmas movie After examining the plot and evaluating its themes and setting, it is safe to say that “Holly Star” can definitely be considered a Christmas movie.

It features all the essential elements that make up a holiday film – family, love, hope – and takes place during the holiday season. If you are looking for a heartwarming holiday movie to watch this year, “Holly Star” should definitely be on your list!