Is Haunted Mansion Scary Movie?

The Haunted Mansion is a timeless classic that has been haunting audiences for generations. This movie is a family-friendly horror-comedy that follows the story of a real estate agent, Jim Evers, and his family as they visit an old mansion with the intention of selling it. However, they soon realize that there are ghosts in the mansion that are trying to communicate with them.

Is The Haunted Mansion Scary?

Many people wonder if The Haunted Mansion is scary or not. The answer to this question is subjective and depends on your personal preferences and age group. If you’re an adult who loves horror movies, you might find this movie less scary than a child who’s watching it for the first time.

The Haunted Mansion is not a typical horror movie that will leave you feeling terrified. It’s more of a comedy with some spooky elements and jump scares. The movie has been rated PG for frightening images, brief nudity, and language, which means it’s suitable for children over the age of eight.

However, some scenes in the movie can be intense for younger children. For example, there’s a scene where Madame Leota’s head floats in the air while talking to Jim’s wife. This scene might scare some kids because it looks realistic.

The Comedy Side of The Haunted Mansion

One thing that sets The Haunted Mansion apart from other horror movies is its comedic side. Eddie Murphy plays Jim Evers in this movie and delivers some hilarious one-liners throughout the film.

The ghosts in the mansion also provide comic relief with their quirky personalities and antics. For example, there’s a singing bust quartet that sings “Grim Grinning Ghosts” in perfect harmony.

The Spooky Side of The Haunted Mansion

Despite its comedic side, The Haunted Mansion still manages to create an eerie atmosphere throughout the film. From creepy cobweb-filled hallways to the ghostly apparitions that appear out of nowhere, the movie has its fair share of spooky moments that will keep you on edge.

There’s a scene where Jim explores the mansion alone at night, and he encounters a ghostly bride who tries to lure him into marrying her. This scene is one of the highlights of the movie and is genuinely creepy.


In conclusion, The Haunted Mansion is a family-friendly horror-comedy that’s suitable for most age groups. It might not be the scariest horror movie out there, but it still manages to provide some spooky moments. With its comedic side and spooky atmosphere, The Haunted Mansion is an enjoyable movie that’s perfect for Halloween or anytime you want a good scare.