Is Haunted Mansion a Scary Movie?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you may have heard of the 2003 film “Haunted Mansion.” However, if you haven’t watched it yet, you may be wondering whether or not it’s worth your time. After all, with a title like that, it’s hard to tell whether this movie is actually scary or just another family-friendly flick.

Plot Summary

The movie follows Jim Evers (played by Eddie Murphy), a workaholic real estate agent who takes his wife and kids on a weekend trip to a haunted mansion. However, they soon find themselves trapped in the mansion with ghosts and other supernatural beings.

Throughout the movie, Jim and his family encounter various characters such as Madame Leota (a floating head in a crystal ball), Ezra and Emma (ghosts who serve as comic relief), and Ramsley (the butler who harbors dark secrets). Together, they must solve the mystery of the mansion and escape before it’s too late.

Scare Factor

Now that we’ve covered the plot, let’s get to the question at hand: is “Haunted Mansion” actually scary

The short answer is no. While there are some spooky moments throughout the movie (such as when the ghosts first appear), it’s clear from the beginning that this film is not meant to be terrifying. Instead, it leans heavily into comedy and family-friendly themes.


Eddie Murphy’s performance as Jim Evers is one of the highlights of “Haunted Mansion.” He brings his signature humor to every scene, even when he’s being chased by ghosts or solving puzzles. Additionally, Ezra and Emma provide some much-needed levity to the movie with their slapstick antics and one-liners.

Family-Friendly Themes

Despite its haunted setting, “Haunted Mansion” is ultimately a story about the importance of family. Throughout the movie, Jim learns to prioritize his wife and kids over his work, while his children learn to trust and rely on each other in difficult situations. There are also some heartwarming moments between the Evers family and the ghosts they encounter.


While “Haunted Mansion” may not be the scariest movie out there, it’s still worth a watch for fans of comedy and family-friendly films. The performances are strong, the plot is engaging, and there are enough spooky moments to keep you on your toes without giving you nightmares.

  • Pros: Strong performances, engaging plot
  • Cons: Not very scary for horror fans

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a good laugh with some ghostly shenanigans thrown in, “Haunted Mansion” is definitely worth checking out. Just don’t expect to be too scared!