Is Get Out the Movie Scary?

Get Out is a 2017 horror movie directed by Jordan Peele. The movie’s plot revolves around a young African-American man named Chris Washington, who visits his white girlfriend’s family estate, only to discover the sinister secret behind their seemingly welcoming facade.

But the question that arises is – Is Get Out really scary? Let’s find out!

The Plot

The movie’s plot is undeniably eerie and unsettling. It explores the theme of racism in a unique and unconventional way, which adds to its creepiness factor. The tension builds up gradually throughout the movie, making it a slow-burning horror flick that keeps you on edge.

The Atmosphere

One of the most significant factors that make Get Out scary is its atmosphere. The film takes place in a remote and isolated estate, which adds to the feeling of unease and claustrophobia. The cinematography is also top-notch, with excellent use of lighting and shadow to create an ominous atmosphere.

The Soundtrack

Get Out’s soundtrack plays an essential role in making the movie scary. It uses music effectively to build suspense and tension at critical moments, which makes for some truly terrifying scenes.

The Acting

The acting in Get Out is exceptional, with each character portrayed convincingly and realistically. Daniel Kaluuya’s performance as Chris Washington is particularly noteworthy, as he captures the character’s fear and paranoia perfectly.

The Gore Factor

Get Out doesn’t rely on gore or jump scares to scare its audience. Instead, it uses psychological horror to create an unsettling experience for viewers.


In conclusion, Get Out is undeniably scary for all the right reasons. Its unique plot, eerie atmosphere, effective soundtrack, exceptional acting performances, and psychological horror make it a must-watch for any horror fan. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to add it to your watchlist!