Is Friday the 13th Actually Scary Movie?

Friday the 13th is a horror movie franchise that has been around for over 40 years. It follows the story of a group of teenagers who are stalked and killed by a mysterious killer while staying at a summer camp.

The franchise has spawned numerous sequels, spinoffs, and even a reboot in 2009. But is Friday the 13th actually scary?

The Origins of Friday the 13th

The origins of Friday the 13th as an unlucky day can be traced back to the Middle Ages. According to superstition, Friday was considered an unlucky day because it was believed to be the day that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Additionally, there were 13 people present at the Last Supper, which led to the belief that having 13 people at a table was unlucky.

The First Movie

The first Friday the 13th movie was released in 1980 and directed by Sean S. Cunningham. The movie was made on a budget of just $550,000 but went on to gross over $59 million at the box office. The movie follows a group of counselors who are preparing Camp Crystal Lake for its reopening but are stalked and killed by an unknown assailant.

The Success of the Franchise

The success of the first movie led to numerous sequels and spinoffs, with each installment becoming increasingly more violent and gory than its predecessor. The franchise became known for its iconic villain, Jason Voorhees, who wears a hockey mask and wields a machete.

The Horror Genre

Horror movies have always been popular among audiences looking for a thrill or scare. They allow us to experience fear in a controlled environment where we know we’re not actually in danger. However, what scares one person may not scare another.

So, is Friday the 13th actually scary?

It ultimately depends on the individual. Some people may find the suspenseful music, jump scares, and graphic violence to be terrifying, while others may find it cheesy or predictable. The success of the franchise suggests that there is certainly an audience for these types of movies.


Friday the 13th has become a cultural phenomenon, with its iconic villain and memorable kills becoming ingrained in pop culture. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying the impact that this franchise has had on the horror genre. Whether you find it scary or not, Friday the 13th will always hold a special place in horror movie history.