Is Frat Star a Horror Movie?

Are you wondering if Frat Star is a horror movie? Well, the answer may not be as straightforward as you think. While Frat Star does contain some elements of horror, it’s not a typical horror movie.

The Plot of Frat Star

Frat Star is a comedy-drama that follows the story of Alex, a college freshman who joins a fraternity to fit in and impress his crush. As he navigates the world of Greek life, he discovers the darker side of fraternity culture, including hazing, drug use, and sexual assault.

Horror Elements in Frat Star

While Frat Star is not a horror movie per se, it does contain some horror elements that add to its intensity. For example, there are scenes depicting violent hazing rituals that might make viewers uncomfortable. Additionally, there are moments of suspense and terror when Alex realizes the true nature of his fraternity brothers and their behavior.

  • The use of jump scares when Alex discovers dark secrets about the frat.
  • The depiction of graphic violence during hazing rituals.
  • The portrayal of sexual assault and its aftermath.

Why Frat Star is Not Considered a Horror Movie?

Despite these horror elements in the film’s plotline, Frat Star is still categorized as a comedy-drama because it primarily deals with themes related to college life and coming-of-age. The movie’s central focus is on Alex’s journey to find his place in college and how his experiences shape him into becoming an adult.

In Conclusion

So, while there are certainly some aspects of horror present in Frat Star, it’s not accurate to classify it solely as such. Instead, this film offers an insightful look into college fraternities and their culture while also providing moments of humor and drama along the way. Whether you’re a fan of horror movies or not, Frat Star is definitely worth a watch.