Is Frankenstein the Movie Scary?

Frankenstein is a classic horror movie that has been scaring audiences for decades. But is it still scary today? Let’s take a closer look at the elements of this film that make it a chilling masterpiece.


The story of Frankenstein follows Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who creates a monster out of various body parts. The monster is brought to life and wreaks havoc throughout the town, leading to a thrilling climax.

What makes the storyline scary?
The idea of creating life from dead body parts is unsettling and goes against the natural order of things. The monster’s rampage brings fear and chaos to the town, making the situation even more terrifying.


Dr. Victor Frankenstein is portrayed as a mad scientist who becomes obsessed with his creation. The monster, on the other hand, is depicted as a frightening and misunderstood creature.

What makes the characters scary?
Dr. Frankenstein’s obsession with his creation leads him to disregard ethical boundaries and unleash something dangerous into the world. The monster’s appearance and violent behavior also add to its scariness.


Frankenstein was made in 1931, so some may argue that it doesn’t have the modern special effects that we are used to seeing in horror movies today. However, the movie still manages to create an eerie atmosphere through its use of lighting and camera angles.

What makes the cinematography scary?
The use of shadows and dim lighting adds an element of mystery and suspense to certain scenes. Close-up shots of characters’ faces show their fear or terror, putting viewers on edge.


Throughout the movie, there are moments where viewers are left wondering what will happen next. This tension builds until it reaches its peak during the final confrontation between Dr. Frankenstein and the monster.

What makes the suspense scary?
The anticipation of what might happen next creates a sense of unease. Viewers are constantly on edge, waiting for the next scare or shock.


In conclusion, Frankenstein is still a scary movie today due to its unsettling storyline, frightening characters, masterful cinematography, and expert use of suspense. This classic horror film has stood the test of time and continues to frighten audiences to this day.

  • Action Items:
    • If you haven’t seen Frankenstein yet, give it a watch.
    • Try watching it with someone who hasn’t seen it before to see their reaction.
    • Pay attention to how the movie creates suspense and tension through its cinematography.