Is Fear of Rain Movie Scary?

Are you looking for a suspenseful and thrilling movie to watch on a rainy day? Fear of Rain may just be the perfect option for you.

This psychological thriller was released in 2021 and features a star cast including Katherine Heigl, Harry Connick Jr., Madison Iseman, and Israel Broussard. But before you dive into this movie, you may be wondering – is Fear of Rain scary?

Understanding the Plot

Fear of Rain follows the life of a teenage girl named Rain Burroughs (played by Madison Iseman) who suffers from schizophrenia. She believes that her neighbor has kidnapped a young boy but no one in her life believes her due to her mental illness. Throughout the movie, Rain struggles with distinguishing between reality and her own delusions.

The Thrilling Moments

Fear of Rain can be classified as a psychological thriller rather than a horror movie. While there are moments that may startle you, it doesn’t rely on jump scares or gore for its scares. The tension builds up slowly throughout the movie as we see things from Rain’s perspective and begin to question if what she is experiencing is real or just in her head.

The Overall Verdict

So, is Fear of Rain scary? It ultimately depends on your personal definition of what constitutes a scary movie.

If you’re looking for something that will have you hiding under your blanket in fear, then this may not be the right choice for you. However, if you enjoy suspenseful movies that keep you guessing until the end, then Fear of Rain is definitely worth checking out.


In conclusion, Fear of Rain is an engaging and thought-provoking movie that offers more than just cheap thrills. It explores important themes such as mental illness and the stigma surrounding it while keeping viewers engaged with its plot twists and turns. Give it a watch on your next rainy day and decide for yourself if it’s scary or not.