Is ET Considered a Scary Movie?

If you’re a fan of alien movies and looking for something to watch, you might be wondering if ET is considered a scary movie. ET: The Extra-Terrestrial is a classic film that has been enjoyed by generations, but its status as a “scary” movie is up for debate.

What is ET About?

Released in 1982 and directed by Steven Spielberg, ET tells the story of a young boy named Elliot who befriends an extraterrestrial stranded on Earth. Elliot and his siblings work to keep ET hidden from their mother and the government while trying to help him return home.

Why Some People Think ET is Scary

Despite its reputation as a family-friendly film, some people find aspects of ET to be frightening. The design of the alien itself can be unsettling for some viewers, with its long fingers and unusual features. Additionally, the scene where Elliot and his friends first encounter ET in the woods can be tense and suspenseful.

The Hospital Scene

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie involves ET getting sick and being taken to a hospital. The sight of the frail alien hooked up to machines can be disturbing for some viewers, especially children.

The Government Agents

Throughout the film, government agents are on the hunt for ET, which adds an element of danger and suspense. Some viewers may find their presence unsettling or frightening.

Why Others Don’t Consider it Scary

On the other hand, many people argue that ET is not a scary movie at all. Its themes of friendship, family, and acceptance make it a heartwarming story that resonates with both children and adults.

The Humor

ET also has many moments of humor that offset any potential scariness. From Elliot’s interactions with his siblings to the antics of ET himself, the film has plenty of lighthearted moments.

The Music

The iconic score by John Williams is also a factor in making ET feel less scary. The sweeping, emotional music is an integral part of the film’s emotional impact and can help to reassure viewers during tense moments.


In the end, whether or not you consider ET to be a scary movie depends on your personal preferences and tolerance for suspenseful scenes. While some may find aspects of it unsettling, many others see it as a beloved classic that is more heartwarming than frightening.