Is Doofy Scream in Scary Movie?

Have you ever seen the popular horror-comedy movie Scary Movie? If you have, then you might remember a particular scene where a character named Doofy screams.

However, there seems to be some confusion among viewers about whether or not Doofy actually screams in the movie. Let’s dive in and find out the truth behind this rumor.

The Scene in Question

In Scary Movie, there is a scene where a group of teenagers is being chased by the masked killer. One of the characters, named Buffy, decides to split up from the group and ends up encountering an officer named Doofy. As she tries to explain her situation to him, Doofy suddenly screams at her.

Is It Really Doofy Screaming?

Many viewers have speculated that it’s not actually Doofy screaming in this scene. Some believe that it’s actually his puppet, which he carries around with him throughout the movie, that is making the noise. However, this theory has been debunked by several sources.

Confirmation from Cast and Crew

Several cast and crew members have confirmed that it is indeed actor Dave Sheridan, who plays Doofy, screaming in this scene. In fact, Sheridan himself has spoken about how difficult it was for him to scream for such an extended period of time.

Analysis of the Scene

If we take a closer look at the scene itself, we can also see evidence that it is indeed Doofy who is screaming. When Buffy first encounters him, he appears calm and collected. It’s only after she starts explaining her situation that he suddenly becomes agitated and starts yelling.


So there you have it – despite rumors to the contrary, it is Dave Sheridan as Doofy who screams in Scary Movie. Whether or not you believe it’s his puppet making the noise is up to you, but the evidence suggests that it’s actually Sheridan’s vocal cords doing the work.