Is Divergent Movie Scary?

Are you wondering if Divergent is a scary movie? Well, the answer is not a simple yes or no. It depends on your personal tolerance for violence and intensity.

The Plot of Divergent

Divergent is a science-fiction action movie that takes place in a dystopian world where society is divided into five factions based on their personality traits. Tris Prior, the protagonist, discovers that she doesn’t fit into any one faction and is therefore considered divergent. This puts her in danger as the ruling faction wants to eliminate all divergents.

The Intensity of the Movie

Divergent has its fair share of intense and violent scenes. The movie features fights, stabbings, shootings, and explosions. Some of these scenes can be quite graphic and may be disturbing for some viewers, especially younger audiences.

However, it’s important to note that the violence in Divergent is not gratuitous. It serves a purpose in advancing the plot and highlighting the dangers of living in a divided society.

Is Divergent Scary?

Whether or not you find Divergent scary depends on your personal preferences. If you’re someone who gets scared easily by violence and intense action scenes, then this movie may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you enjoy action movies with some level of intensity and don’t mind some violence, then you may find Divergent thrilling.

The Bottom Line

Overall, while Divergent has its fair share of intense scenes and violence, it’s not necessarily a scary movie. It all comes down to your personal tolerance for these elements.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not to watch Divergent because of its intensity or violence, we recommend checking out some reviews or watching some trailers before making your decision.


In conclusion, Divergent is a well-crafted movie that features some intense and violent scenes. Whether or not you find it scary depends on your personal preferences. However, we recommend using caution if you’re sensitive to violence and intense action scenes.