Is Disney’s Dinosaur Movie Scary?

Are you wondering whether Disney’s Dinosaur movie is scary? Well, the answer is not a simple yes or no.

It depends on various factors such as age, personality, and sensitivity to certain scenes. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this movie thrilling for some and terrifying for others.

The Plot

Disney’s Dinosaur movie follows the journey of an Iguanodon named Aladar who is raised by a family of lemurs. The story takes place in the late Cretaceous period when dinosaurs are facing extinction due to a meteor strike. Aladar joins a herd of dinosaurs in search of the Nesting Grounds, their last hope for survival.

Scary Elements

The movie has several intense scenes that may frighten younger viewers or those sensitive to violence. For example:

  • Aladar’s family is attacked by a Carnotaurus at the beginning of the movie, which could be upsetting for some viewers.
  • Throughout the journey, there are several close calls with predators such as Velociraptors and Struthiomimuses.
  • In one scene, two characters fall into a tar pit and struggle to get out while being surrounded by carnivorous insects.
  • The climax features an intense dinosaur battle with fire and explosions.


Disney’s Dinosaur movie is rated PG for “intense images” which means parental guidance is suggested. The movie may be too intense for very young children or those prone to nightmares. However, older children and adults may find it exhilarating and exciting.

Tips for Parents

If you’re unsure whether your child can handle Disney’s Dinosaur movie, here are some tips:

  • Watch the movie with your child and be prepared to pause or skip scenes that are too intense.
  • Discuss the movie with your child afterwards and ask how they are feeling.
  • Consider your child’s personality and sensitivity to violence before deciding whether to watch the movie.


In conclusion, Disney’s Dinosaur movie has several scary elements that may be too intense for younger viewers. However, older children and adults may enjoy the thrilling adventure of Aladar and his herd.

It’s important to consider your child’s age, personality, and sensitivity before deciding whether to watch this movie. And if you do decide to watch it together, remember to have open communication and be prepared to skip or pause scenes if necessary.