Is Dewey the Killer in Scary Movie?

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Scary Movie is a horror-comedy film that parodies many popular horror movies, including Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Halloween. The movie features a group of high school students who are stalked by a masked killer while trying to solve the mystery of a dark secret.

However, one of the most divisive questions among fans of Scary Movie is whether Dewey, the clumsy sheriff’s deputy played by David Arquette, is the killer or not. In this article, we’ll examine the evidence and arguments for both sides and try to settle this debate once and for all.

Who Is Dewey?

Dewey Riley is a recurring character in the Scream franchise, which Scary Movie heavily spoofs. In Scream, Dewey is also a sheriff’s deputy who investigates the murders committed by Ghostface, the iconic villain with a white mask and black robe.

Dewey is portrayed as bumbling but kind-hearted, often providing comic relief with his awkward mannerisms and cheesy lines. He also has a romantic interest in Sidney Prescott, the main protagonist of Scream.

The Case for Dewey Being the Killer

  • Motive: Some fans argue that Dewey has a motive to kill his fellow characters in Scary Movie because he is jealous of their popularity and success. In Scream 3 (which was released after Scary Movie), it’s revealed that Dewey has become an actor who plays himself in Stab 3, a movie based on his experiences with Ghostface. This meta-fictional twist implies that Dewey craves attention and fame. Therefore, killing his friends could be seen as a way to eliminate competition and boost his own career.
  • Opportunity: Others point out that Dewey has many opportunities to commit the murders in Scary Movie, as he is often alone with the victims or has access to their rooms and weapons. For example, Dewey is the one who finds Cindy Campbell, the main character of Scary Movie, in bed with Bobby Prinze, her boyfriend.

    He then leaves them alone to “get a wet rag.” Later, Bobby is killed by Ghostface while Dewey is outside talking to a reporter. This sequence of events could suggest that Dewey had enough time and motivation to stage Bobby’s death and frame Ghostface for it.

  • Behavior: Some fans argue that Dewey’s behavior in Scary Movie is suspicious and inconsistent with his previous appearances in Scream. They point out that Dewey seems more aggressive and unpredictable than usual, often shouting and threatening people instead of being meek and timid. They also note that Dewey’s injury (he gets stabbed in the back during a fight with Ghostface) could be self-inflicted or faked to throw off suspicion.

The Case for Dewey Being Innocent

  • Motive: One of the main counter-arguments against Dewey being the killer is that he doesn’t seem to have a strong enough motive to justify his actions. While it’s true that Dewey likes attention and acting, it’s unclear why he would go so far as to murder his friends in cold blood just to become famous. Moreover, even if we assume that Dewey is jealous or resentful of his peers’ success, it doesn’t explain why he would Target innocent bystanders like Drew Decker (who gets killed while being on her phone with Ghostface).
  • Alibis: Another point in favor of Dewey’s innocence is that he has several alibis throughout the movie that make it difficult for him to be the killer. For example, when Ghostface attacks Cindy in her house, Dewey is with the reporter outside and can’t physically reach her in time.

    Later, when Ghostface attacks Buffy and Greg in their car, Dewey is shown driving away from them and crashing into a tree. It’s hard to imagine how Dewey could orchestrate those murders while being in two places at once.

  • Characterization: Lastly, some fans argue that Dewey’s behavior in Scary Movie is consistent with his previous portrayals in Scream. They point out that Dewey is still clumsy and awkward, still has a crush on Cindy, and still tries to do his best to protect the town from danger. They also note that Dewey gets injured several times throughout the Scream franchise, which suggests that he’s not invincible or immune to harm.

The Verdict

So, is Dewey the killer in Scary Movie? The answer is.. no.

While it’s true that some clues and moments could be interpreted as evidence against him, there’s simply not enough motive or opportunity for Dewey to be the mastermind behind the murders. Moreover, Scary Movie is not a serious or coherent story but a parody of horror tropes and clichés. Therefore, trying to apply logic or realism to its plot would be missing the point.

In conclusion, Dewey may be a lovable character who adds humor and heart to both Scream and Scary Movie, but he’s not a killer. Instead of obsessing over his guilt or innocence, let’s just enjoy his silly antics and cheesy one-liners.