Is Cruella Movie Scary for Kids?

If you’re wondering whether the latest Disney film ‘Cruella’ is appropriate for kids, then you’re not alone. The movie tells the story of the iconic villain from 101 Dalmatians, but it also explores her backstory and motivations. Here’s a breakdown of whether or not ‘Cruella’ is too scary for children.

What is Cruella About?

First off, let’s talk about what ‘Cruella’ is all about. The movie follows Estella (Emma Stone), a young woman with a passion for fashion who dreams of making it big in the industry. However, her path to success is hindered by the ruthless Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson), a fashion icon who sees Estella as a threat to her own career.

As Estella becomes more and more desperate to make her mark on the fashion world, she creates an alter-ego: Cruella. With her new persona, Estella begins to take risks and push boundaries that she never would have dared to before. But as she gets closer to achieving her goals, she finds herself becoming more like the villainous character she created.

Is Cruella Too Scary for Kids?

Now let’s get to the question at hand: is ‘Cruella’ too scary for kids? The movie has a PG-13 rating, which means that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s too scary or violent for younger viewers.

There are certainly some intense moments in ‘Cruella’, including scenes where characters are in danger or facing off against each other. There are also themes of revenge and betrayal that may be difficult for younger children to understand.

That being said, ‘Cruella’ is not a horror movie. It’s primarily a comedy-drama with elements of action and suspense. The film also has a strong message about being true to yourself and not letting others bring you down, which is an important lesson for kids to learn.

What Age Group is ‘Cruella’ Suitable For?

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to let your child watch ‘Cruella’ depends on their individual sensitivities and maturity levels. However, as a general guideline, the movie is probably best suited for kids aged 10 and up.

Younger children may find some of the scenes too intense or confusing, while older kids will appreciate the humor and themes of self-discovery. Additionally, parents should be aware that there is some mild language in the movie.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, ‘Cruella’ is not a movie that’s too scary for most kids. While there are certainly some tense moments and mature themes, it’s primarily a comedy-drama with a positive message about being true to yourself. As with any movie, parents should use their own judgment when deciding whether or not it’s appropriate for their child to watch.