Is Cruella De Vil Movie Scary?

If you’re a fan of Disney movies, you’ve probably heard about the latest release – Cruella. But perhaps you’re hesitant to watch it because you’re worried it might be too scary.

So, is the Cruella De Vil movie scary? Let’s take a closer look.

The Premise of the Movie

Cruella is an origin story of one of Disney’s most infamous villains, Cruella De Vil – the antagonist from 101 Dalmatians. The story follows Estella, a young girl with a passion for fashion and a knack for trouble.

She dreams of becoming a famous designer but ends up getting involved with a group of thieves led by Baroness von Hellman. As Estella gets closer to her goals, she transforms into the notorious Cruella De Vil.

The Tone of the Movie

While there are some intense moments in the movie, overall, it’s not as scary as you might think. The tone is more like that of a dark comedy than a horror movie. There are plenty of humorous moments that balance out any tension or suspense.

Violence and Gore

There are a few violent scenes in the movie, but they are not overly graphic. For example, we see some characters get hit by cars or fall from tall buildings, but there is no blood or gore involved. Additionally, there are some scenes where animals (including dogs) are mistreated or put in danger, which might be distressing for some viewers.

Language and Themes

The movie does contain some strong language and mature themes that may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Some characters use profanity throughout the film, and there are references to alcohol and drug use. There is also an underlying theme of revenge throughout the movie.


In summary, while there are certainly some tense and violent moments in Cruella, the movie is not overly scary. It’s a fun and entertaining origin story that explores the character of Cruella De Vil in a unique way. If you’re a fan of Disney movies or just looking for something different to watch, give Cruella a chance – you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it!

  • Pros: Humorous moments balance out any tension or suspense
  • Cons: Some mature themes and strong language may not be appropriate for younger viewers