Is Clifford the Movie Scary?

Clifford the Big Red Dog has been a beloved character for generations. From books to TV shows, Clifford has always been a favorite among children.

But with the release of the new movie, many parents are wondering if it’s appropriate for their young ones. One of the most common questions is whether or not the movie is scary.

Is Clifford The Movie Scary?

Parents can rest easy knowing that Clifford the Big Red Dog is not a scary movie. While there may be moments of tension and suspense, it is largely a family-friendly film that children of all ages can enjoy.

What To Expect From The Movie

The movie follows Emily Elizabeth as she navigates her new life in New York City with her beloved dog, Clifford. Along the way, they encounter challenges and obstacles that they must overcome together. There are moments of excitement and adventure, but none that are too intense or frightening for young viewers.

One thing to note is that there are some scenes with mild peril, such as when Emily Elizabeth and Clifford find themselves in dangerous situations. However, these moments are handled delicately and resolved quickly without any lasting harm or trauma.

The Positive Messages In The Movie

While not scary, Clifford the Big Red Dog does have plenty of positive messages for young viewers. The movie emphasizes the importance of friendship, kindness, and teamwork. It also explores themes like self-acceptance and embracing what makes us unique.

One of the most powerful messages in the film is that love can conquer all obstacles. Emily Elizabeth’s love for Clifford helps her overcome her fears and face challenges with confidence and bravery.

  • Friendship
  • Kindness
  • Teamwork
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Uniqueness
  • Love Conquers All


Overall, Clifford the Big Red Dog is a heartwarming and family-friendly movie that is not scary. While there are some moments of mild peril, they are handled with care and quickly resolved. Parents can feel confident in taking their young ones to see this film and enjoy the positive messages it has to offer.