Is Chasing the Star a Good Movie?

Are you wondering if “Chasing the Star” is worth your time and money? Let’s find out.


“Chasing the Star” is a faith-based film released in 2017, directed by Bret Miller, and produced by DJ Perry. It is the second installment in “The Quest Trilogy,” following “40 Nights,” released in 2016. The film tells the story of three Magi who journey to Bethlehem to witness the birth of Jesus Christ.


The plot revolves around three wise men who are summoned by King Herod to find the prophesized Messiah. Along their journey, they encounter various obstacles and challenges that test their faith and determination. Upon reaching Bethlehem, they witness the birth of Jesus and realize the true meaning of their journey.


The acting in “Chasing the Star” is impressive. DJ Perry, who plays one of the Magi, delivers a strong performance as a man burdened with guilt and seeking redemption. The rest of the cast also delivers commendable performances, bringing life to their respective characters.


The cinematography in “Chasing the Star” is breathtaking. The landscapes and scenery are captured beautifully, showcasing the natural beauty of Israel. The film also utilizes visual effects effectively to depict supernatural events.


As a faith-based film, “Chasing the Star” delivers a powerful message about faith, hope, and redemption. It captures essential elements of Christianity such as love for one another and forgiveness.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a movie that combines stunning visuals with an uplifting message about faith and redemption, “Chasing the Star” should be on your watch list. Despite some minor flaws in pacing and dialogue, it provides an enjoyable and inspiring cinematic experience.