Is Boba Fett in the New Star Wars Movie?

Are you a Star Wars fan eagerly waiting for the release of the new movie? The question on everyone’s mind is, “Is Boba Fett in the new Star Wars movie?” Let’s dive into this topic and explore all the rumors and speculations surrounding it.

Who is Boba Fett?

Before we delve into whether Boba Fett will appear in the new Star Wars movie, let’s have a quick refresher on who he is. Boba Fett is a fan-favorite character from the original trilogy.

He is a bounty hunter who wears distinctive Mandalorian armor and helmet, making him an iconic figure in Star Wars lore. Despite having limited screen time in the original trilogy, he has become one of the most popular characters among fans.

The Rumors

Ever since Disney announced that they were making a new Star Wars movie, fans have been speculating about which characters would make an appearance. One character that has been at the center of these rumors is Boba Fett.

There are several reasons why fans believe that Boba Fett will be in the new movie. Firstly, there were reports that Temuera Morrison had been cast in an undisclosed role in the movie.

Morrison played Jango Fett, Boba Fett’s father in Attack of the Clones. Fans speculate that Morrison could be playing an older version of Boba Fett.

Secondly, there have been leaked set photos showing Mandalorian armor on set. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Boba Fett will be in the movie, it does suggest that Mandalorians could play a role.

Finally, there have been rumors from insiders claiming that Boba Fett will make an appearance in some capacity.

The Counterarguments

While fans are excited about the possibility of seeing Boba Fett again, there are also counterarguments to these rumors. Firstly, just because Temuera Morrison has been cast in the movie doesn’t necessarily mean he will be playing Boba Fett. He could be playing a completely different character.

Secondly, the Mandalorian armor seen on set could belong to a different character. Mandalorians are a group of warriors with their own culture and traditions, so it’s possible that another Mandalorian could appear in the movie.

Finally, there have been no official announcements from Disney or Lucasfilm confirming that Boba Fett will be in the new Star Wars movie.

The Verdict

So, is Boba Fett in the new Star Wars movie? The truth is, we don’t know for sure. While there are plenty of rumors and speculations, nothing has been confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm.

However, even if Boba Fett doesn’t make an appearance in this particular movie, there are still plenty of opportunities for him to appear in future movies or TV shows. With Disney launching its own streaming service and announcing multiple Star Wars TV shows, there’s no doubt that we’ll see more of our favorite characters in the future.


In conclusion, while we can’t say for certain whether Boba Fett will appear in the new Star Wars movie, it’s clear that fans are excited about the possibility. Whether it’s through leaked set photos or insider rumors, fans are eagerly searching for any hints about which characters will make an appearance. Regardless of whether he appears or not though, one thing is clear – Boba Fett has left a lasting impression on Star Wars fans and will continue to be a beloved character for years to come.