Is Bee Movie Scary for Kids?

As a parent, it is natural to be concerned about what movies your kids are watching. One movie that has been a topic of debate among parents is the Bee Movie. Released in 2007, this animated comedy film tells the story of Barry Benson, a bee who sues the human race for stealing honey from his fellow bees.

Many parents wonder if the Bee Movie is scary for kids. Let’s take a closer look at the movie and its content to help parents make an informed decision.

The Plot:

The Bee Movie follows the adventures of Barry Benson, voiced by Jerry Seinfeld, as he ventures outside of his hive and discovers that humans are stealing honey from bees. He decides to sue humanity for their actions and ends up forming an unlikely friendship with Vanessa, a human florist.

The movie is filled with witty humor and puns that will keep both kids and adults entertained. However, some scenes may be confusing or scary for younger children.

The Scary Scenes:

One scene that has been known to scare kids is when Barry gets stuck in a tennis ball and flies around frantically trying to escape. The scene can be overwhelming as the camera angles are fast-paced and shaky.

Another scene that may be unsettling for young viewers is when Ken, Vanessa’s boyfriend, tries to kill Barry with a newspaper. This scene can be distressing as it depicts violence towards an innocent character.

Additionally, there are scenes where bees get injured or killed by humans or other animals. While these scenes are not graphic or gory, they may still upset younger children.

The Overall Tone:

Despite these few scary scenes, the overall tone of the Bee Movie is lighthearted and silly. The humor is geared towards both adults and children alike and will have everyone laughing out loud.

The movie also teaches important lessons about friendship, standing up for what you believe in, and taking action to make a difference. These themes are presented in a fun and engaging way that kids will understand and appreciate.


So, is the Bee Movie scary for kids? While there are a few scenes that may be unsettling for younger viewers, the overall tone of the movie is lighthearted and fun. As with any movie, it is important for parents to preview it before showing it to their children and to use their best judgment when deciding if it is appropriate for their child’s age and sensitivity level.

Overall, the Bee Movie is a great choice for family movie night. It’s funny, heartwarming, and teaches important life lessons in an entertaining way that both parents and children will enjoy.