Is Artemis Fowl Movie Scary?

Artemis Fowl is a movie adaptation of the popular children’s book series by Eoin Colfer. The movie was released on Disney+ in June 2020 and has sparked a lot of interest and conversation among parents, particularly about whether or not it is too scary for young children.

What is Artemis Fowl About?

Artemis Fowl revolves around the story of a 12-year-old genius, Artemis Fowl II, who comes from a family of criminal masterminds. After his father goes missing, he embarks on a dangerous journey to find him and uncovers the existence of fairies who possess powerful magical abilities. Artemis decides to capture one of these fairies to use as leverage in his search for his father.

Is Artemis Fowl Scary?

It’s important to note that the level of scariness in Artemis Fowl can vary from child to child, based on their age and personal sensitivities. However, as far as movies go, it’s relatively mild compared to other fantasy or adventure movies aimed at children.

There are certain scenes that might be considered intense for younger viewers. For instance, there are some action sequences involving guns and explosions which may be unsettling for very young children. There are also some scenes with dark imagery such as characters trapped in stone statues or being held captive that may be frightening for some kids.

However, it’s worth noting that these moments are brief and not overly graphic. Additionally, the film balances out its darker moments with humor and lightheartedness which can help alleviate any tension or anxiety that younger viewers might feel.

Who Should Watch Artemis Fowl?

Artemis Fowl is best suited for older children who are comfortable with action-adventure movies with mild scares. Children aged 10-12 would likely enjoy the film’s themes of adventure and mystery, while younger children may find some scenes too intense.

Overall, Artemis Fowl is a visually stunning and engaging movie that is suitable for most children. However, parents should use their best judgment in determining whether or not it’s appropriate for their child based on their age and sensitivity to certain themes.


In conclusion, Artemis Fowl is not an overly scary movie but it does have some moments of intensity that might be unsettling for some young viewers. The film’s balance of darker moments with humor and lightheartedness makes it a fun adventure for older children to enjoy. Parents should use their discretion in deciding if the film is appropriate for their child based on their age and sensitivity to certain themes.