Is Annabelle: Creation Scary Movie?

Horror movies have always been a favorite genre among movie enthusiasts. One such horror movie that has been the talk of the town recently is Annabelle: Creation.

The movie has been creating quite a buzz and has left people wondering whether it’s worth watching or not. In this article, we’ll try to answer the question – Is Annabelle: Creation a scary movie?

What is Annabelle: Creation?

Annabelle: Creation is a horror movie that came out in 2017. It’s a prequel to the 2014 movie Annabelle and part of The Conjuring Universe franchise. The movie is directed by David F. Sandberg and produced by James Wan.

The Plot

The story revolves around a dollmaker named Samuel Mullins who, after losing his daughter in an accident, decides to open his home to a nun and several orphaned girls as part of an agreement with the church. However, things take a sinister turn when one of the girls discovers a possessed doll hidden within the house – Annabelle.

Is it Scary?

Now coming back to our main question – Is Annabelle: Creation scary? The answer is yes!

It’s definitely one of the scariest movies in The Conjuring Universe franchise. The movie has all the classic horror elements like jump scares, creepy dolls, dark hallways, and eerie background scores that can make your heart skip a beat.

The Jump Scares: One of the most significant factors that make this movie scary is its use of jump scares. These are sudden loud noises or visuals that appear out of nowhere and take you by surprise. Annabelle: Creation has plenty of these moments that will leave you on edge.

The Creepy Doll: Another element that adds to the fear factor is Annabelle herself. With her lifeless eyes and porcelain skin, she’s definitely not your average doll. The way she moves and the things she does are enough to give anyone nightmares.

The Atmosphere: The movie’s dark and eerie atmosphere is another thing that contributes to its scariness. The Mullins’ house is a perfect setting for a horror movie with its creaky floors, dusty corners, and hidden passages.

The Verdict

In conclusion, Annabelle: Creation is undoubtedly a scary movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s perfect for horror enthusiasts who love a good scare. However, if you’re someone who gets easily scared or doesn’t enjoy horror movies, then this might not be the right movie for you.

  • Pros:
  • The movie has plenty of jump scares that will keep you on edge.
  • The creepy doll and eerie atmosphere add to the fear factor.
  • Cons:
  • Not recommended for people who don’t enjoy horror movies.

Final Thoughts

Annabelle: Creation is a must-watch for all horror movie lovers out there. It’s an excellent addition to The Conjuring Universe franchise and will leave you wanting more. So if you’re up for some spine-chilling scares and don’t mind sleeping with the lights on, then this is the perfect movie for you!