Is All I See Is You a Scary Movie?

Are you a fan of scary movies? If so, you may be wondering if the film “All I See Is You” falls into this category. Directed by Marc Forster, this psychological thriller stars Blake Lively as Gina, a blind woman who undergoes a corneal transplant and begins to see the world in a new light.

However, as she gains her sight, she also begins to uncover disturbing secrets about her marriage to her husband James (played by Jason Clarke). But is “All I See Is You” truly a scary movie? Let’s explore.

The Plot

Before we dive into whether or not “All I See Is You” is scary, let’s first discuss the plot of the film. As mentioned previously, Gina is blind and relies on James for many things in their life together.

After her transplant surgery, Gina begins to see the world differently and becomes more independent. However, as she gains more control over her life, she also starts to realize that James may not be the person he seems to be. As Gina uncovers more secrets about their relationship and James’ past, tensions rise and the film takes on a darker tone.

The Genre

So what genre does “All I See Is You” fall under? While it certainly has elements of thrillers and suspenseful dramas, it may not necessarily fit into the horror or traditional “scary movie” genre.

Instead of relying on jump scares or overtly terrifying imagery, “All I See Is You” opts for a more psychological approach to fear. The tension in the film comes from how well it portrays Gina’s growing unease and paranoia about her relationship with James.

The Atmosphere

That being said, “All I See Is You” does have its share of unsettling moments that may leave viewers feeling uneasy. The cinematography is often disorienting, with blurred images and distorted sounds that mimic Gina’s confusion as she adjusts to her new sight. The film also explores themes of control and manipulation, which can be disturbing to watch at times.


In conclusion, while “All I See Is You” may not be a traditional horror movie, it certainly has its share of eerie moments that will keep viewers on the edge of their seat. The psychological approach to fear may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a film that will make you think and leave you with a sense of unease long after it’s over, “All I See Is You” is worth checking out.