Is a Scary Movie 4 Family Friendly?

Are you planning a family movie night? Do you want to watch something spooky but not too intense?

One option you might be considering is Scary Movie 4. But is it really family-friendly? Let’s take a closer look.


Scary Movie 4 is a horror-comedy film that parodies popular horror movies like Saw, The Grudge, and War of the Worlds. It was released in 2006 and directed by David Zucker. The movie is rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor throughout, some comic violence, and language.


As mentioned earlier, Scary Movie 4 does contain some language. While it’s not excessive or overly graphic, there are still a few instances of profanity throughout the movie. If you’re concerned about your kids hearing this type of language, then this movie may not be suitable for your family.


Although Scary Movie 4 is a horror-comedy film, it still contains some violent scenes. However, the violence tends to be more comical than frightening.

There are scenes where characters get hit by cars or fall down stairs, but these moments are played for laughs rather than scares. Overall, the violence in this movie is not particularly graphic or disturbing.

Sexual Content

One of the reasons Scary Movie 4 is rated PG-13 is due to its sexual content. There are several instances of sexual humor throughout the film, including jokes about masturbation and sex toys. While these moments may go over younger kids’ heads, they could be uncomfortable for older children or teens.

Scare Factor

Despite being a parody of horror movies, Scary Movie 4 still has its fair share of jump scares and creepy moments. However, these scares are often undercut by comedic elements or references to other movies. If your family is easily frightened, then this movie may not be the best choice for your movie night.

Final Verdict

So, is Scary Movie 4 family-friendly? It depends on your family’s preferences and values.

The movie does contain some language, sexual humor, and scary moments, but they are all relatively mild. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if this movie is appropriate for your family.

If you do decide to watch Scary Movie 4 with your family, make sure to set some ground rules beforehand. Talk about what kind of content is okay and what should be avoided. And remember, it’s always a good idea to watch movies together as a family so you can discuss any questions or concerns that may arise during the viewing.

  • Language: Some profanity throughout.
  • Violence: Comical violence with no graphic or disturbing scenes.
  • Sexual Content: Sexual humor and references.
  • Scare Factor: Jump scares and creepy moments but played for laughs.

Tips for Family Movie Night

Here are some tips to make your family movie night a success:

  • Pick a movie everyone will enjoy: Ask your family members for suggestions and try to find something that appeals to everyone’s tastes.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere: Dim the lights, grab some blankets and pillows, and make some popcorn or other snacks.
  • Talk about the movie afterwards: Encourage everyone to share their thoughts on the movie and discuss any themes or messages that came up during the viewing.

In conclusion, Scary Movie 4 might not be suitable for all families, but it could be a fun and lighthearted choice for those who enjoy horror-comedy movies. Just be sure to set some ground rules beforehand and make the most of your family movie night experience.