Is 12gb RAM Good for Video Editing?

When it comes to video editing, having a powerful computer is essential. One of the key components that can greatly impact your editing experience is the amount of RAM your computer has. In this article, we will explore whether 12GB of RAM is good for video editing.

What is RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which is a type of computer memory that stores data and programs that are currently in use. The more RAM you have, the more programs and data your computer can handle simultaneously. This can be especially important when working with large files or running resource-intensive applications like video editing software.

How much RAM do you need for video editing?

The amount of RAM you need for video editing largely depends on the complexity and size of your projects. For basic video editing tasks like trimming clips and adding transitions, 8GB of RAM should suffice. However, if you are working with high-resolution footage or 3D animation software, you may need 16GB or more.

Is 12GB of RAM good enough for video editing?

In general, having 12GB of RAM should be sufficient for most video editing tasks. This amount of RAM allows you to work with larger file sizes and run multiple applications simultaneously without experiencing any lag or performance issues.

However, if you plan on working with extremely large files or using multiple resource-intensive applications at the same time, then upgrading to 16GB or more may be beneficial.

Other factors to consider

While having more RAM can certainly improve your overall editing experience, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not the only factor that affects performance. Other components like your CPU and graphics card also play a crucial role in determining how well your computer performs when running video editing software.

Additionally, factors like storage speed and available hard drive space can also impact your editing experience. Investing in a solid-state drive (SSD) or using an external hard drive can help improve your computer’s overall performance and speed up file transfer times.


In conclusion, 12GB of RAM is generally good enough for most video editing tasks. However, if you plan on working with larger file sizes or using multiple resource-intensive applications at the same time, then upgrading to 16GB or more may be beneficial. It’s also important to consider other factors like CPU and graphics card when building a powerful video editing computer.