How to Check Which Video Has Better Quality?

Are you tired of watching videos with poor quality? Do you want to know how to check which video has better quality?

Well, you have come to the right place! In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of checking the video quality using several methods.

Method 1: Check Video Resolution

The first and most common method for checking video quality is by examining its resolution. This can be done by following these simple steps:

1. Right-click on the video file and select “Properties.” 2.

Look for the “Details” tab and scroll down until you see “Video.” 3. Check the resolution of the video under “Frame Width” and “Frame Height.”

Generally, higher resolution means better quality. For example, a 1080p video is considered to be of better quality than a 720p one.

Tip: If you are unsure about what resolution your device supports, look it up in your device’s manual or online.

Method 2: Use Media Information Tools

Another way to check video quality is by using media information tools like MediaInfo or VLC Media Player. These tools provide detailed information about videos, including their codecs, bitrates, and resolutions.

Here’s how to use MediaInfo:

1. Download and install MediaInfo on your computer. 2. Open the software and drag and drop the video file into it. 3.

Wait for a few seconds until all the information appears. 4. Look for “Video” information under “Stream details.” 5. Check for the resolution of the video.

Method 3: Compare Videos Side-by-Side

If you have two videos that you want to compare side-by-side, there are several tools available online that allow you to do so.

One such tool is called Compare Video Files from

1. Go to Upload the two videos that you want to compare.

3. Wait for the tool to process the videos. Once the comparison is complete, you can see both videos side-by-side and compare their quality.

Tip: Make sure that both videos are of the same length and have the same resolution for accurate comparisons.

Method 4: Use Video Quality Checkers

Finally, you can use video quality checkers like YouTube’s Video Quality Report or Netflix’s Video Bitrate Index to check the quality of online streaming videos.

To use YouTube’s Video Quality Report:

1. Go to Sign in with your Google account. Select your country and internet service provider. Check your video streaming quality score.

To use Netflix’s Video Bitrate Index:

1. Go to

Select your country. Check your internet service provider’s bitrate index score.

These tools give you an idea of how well your internet service provider is handling video streaming quality.


Checking video quality is essential if you want to enjoy high-quality videos without any buffering or pixelation issues. By using these methods, you can easily check which video has better quality and choose the best one for yourself!