How Scary Is the Movie Knock Knock?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you’ve probably heard about Eli Roth’s 2015 film “Knock Knock”. But just how scary is this movie? Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

The Plot

The movie follows the story of Evan Webber, a happily married architect who finds himself home alone for the weekend while his family is away. One stormy night, two young women – Genesis and Bel – knock on his door asking for help. Evan, being the good Samaritan that he is, invites them in and offers to let them dry off and make some phone calls.

The Twist

As the night progresses, Evan begins to feel uneasy around these two women who start to behave in increasingly strange ways. Eventually, they seduce him into having sex with them. The next morning, Evan wakes up to find that things have taken a very dark turn – he’s been kidnapped by Genesis and Bel who are now intent on ruining his life.

The Horror

While “Knock Knock” may not be as terrifying as some other horror movies out there, it still manages to pack quite a punch. The tension builds slowly throughout the movie as we see Evan’s situation go from bad to worse. The twisted relationship between the three main characters keeps you on edge as you never know what they’re going to do next.

Jump Scares

One thing that “Knock Knock” does well is its use of jump scares. While they may not be as frequent as in other horror movies, they’re still effective in making you jump out of your seat. The movie also makes use of atmospheric scares such as eerie music and dark lighting to create an unsettling feeling.


If you’re someone who can’t handle gore, “Knock Knock” may be a bit too much for you. While it’s not as graphic as some other horror movies, there are still some scenes that are quite disturbing.

The Verdict

Overall, “Knock Knock” is a solid horror movie that’s definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan of the genre. It may not be the scariest movie out there, but it still manages to deliver some spine-tingling moments. If you’re looking for a movie that will keep you on edge, “Knock Knock” is definitely worth checking out.